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Making Obamacare Open Enrollment Smile in 2023: Fun Tricks to Choose Successfully

Making Obamacare Open Enrollment Smile in 2023 Fun Tricks to Choose Successfully

Welcome to the exciting Obamacare registry in 2023! In this article, you’ll find not only helpful tips but also some fun tricks to make the process of choosing insurance more fun. You see, we like to make things difficult for ourselves, ha!

Make your Wish Plan

Imagine your health coverage as a delicious custom-made pizza. Create a “Wish Plan” with everything you need: regular doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental coverage, or whatever is necessary for you.

Cost Example:
Imagine that your “Topping Pizza” has several “slices” that have different prices. The medication slice can cost $30 a month, while the doctor visits slice can cost $40. If you add up all the slices, you’ll have a full “Coverage Pizza” for $70 a month.

The fun bounty wheel trick

Imagine that you play “Profit Roulette” in a casino. Find out what other additional benefits you can get with your health insurance. It could be something exciting like a gym membership or a discount on sunglasses! Keep the excitement going as you explore your options.

Cost Example:
In the Wheel of Benefits, you win! Let’s imagine that the “Benefit Wheel” offers you a 20% discount on dental services. The discount would save you $40 if you plan to visit the dentist this year and you know the total cost would be $200! You can save a lot of money throughout the year by taking advantage of these benefits.

Create a Medical Adventure Planner

Consider your search for insurance an exciting journey. Create a “Medical Adventure Planner” where you can write down all the medical consultations and tests you want to perform. Successful adventures are marked with little stars. Planning becomes exciting when it’s made fun!

Cost Example:
A Successful Trip to the Doctor! Let’s imagine that this year you have three visits to the general practitioner, one consultation with a specialist, and one eye exam. Your total “Med Trip” would cost $180 if each adventure cost $50, $100, and $30, respectively. It has never been so exciting to prepare for your medical adventures!

A fun trick to find the savings treasure

Imagine that you are exploring the hidden treasures of health insurance. Investigate various plans as if you were searching for a treasure trove of savings. You’ll be one step closer to finding the hidden treasure as you discover lower premiums, lower deductibles, and higher benefits.

Cost Example:
If you find a plan with a monthly premium of $50 instead of $70, then you would be saving $240 a year if you multiply the $20 difference by twelve months! You can use this “Savings Treasure” to enjoy other things you like.

Enjoy choosing your coverage!

In short, the opening of Obamacare in 2023 shouldn’t be boring. Use these fun hacks to make insurance selection more fun while you make informed decisions. Remember that money and spending can be part of the fun when seen as part of creating your security and well-being.

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